Learn Visual Basic 6.0

Course Description:
Learn Visual Basic 6.0 is a 10 week, self-paced overview of the Visual Basic
programming language and environment. Upon completion of the course, you
1. Understand the benefits of using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as an
application development tool.
2. Understand the Visual Basic event-driven programming concepts,
terminology, and available tools.
3. Learn the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and distributing a
wide variety of Visual Basic applications.
Learn Visual Basic 6.0 is presented using a combination of course notes
(written in Microsoft Word format) and over 60 Visual Basic examples and
Course Prerequisites:
To grasp the concepts presented in Learn Visual Basic 6.0, you should possess
a working knowledge of Windows 95 and have had some exposure to
programming concepts. If you have never programmed a computer before, you’ll
have to put in a little more effort – perhaps, find a book in your local library on
programming using QBasic or some other dialect of the Basic computer
You will also need the ability to view and print documents saved in Microsoft
Word for Windows 95 format. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.
The first, and easiest, is that you already have Microsoft Word for Windows 95 on
your computer. The second way, and a bit more difficult, is that you can
download Word Viewer for Windows 95. This is a free Microsoft product that
allows viewing Word documents – it is available for download at all the major
shareware internet sites (ZDNet, Download.Com, SoftSeek).
Finally, and most obvious, you need to have Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0,
preferably the Professional Edition. Learn Visual Basic 6.0 does not cover the
rudiments of navigating in Visual Basic 6.0. You should be familiar with the
simple tasks of using the menus, the toolbar, resizing windows, and moving
windows around. Visual Basic 6.0 provides an excellent tutorial with instruction
on suc h tasks.


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