Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
Standard is ANSI X3T9.5 . Topology is ring with two counter rotating rings for reliability with no
hubs. Cable type is fiber-optic. Connectors are specialized. The media access method is token passing.
The maximum length is 100 kilometers. The maximum number of nodes on the network is 500. Speed is
100 Mbps. FDDI is normally used as a backbone to link other networks. A typical FDDI network can
include servers, concentrators, and links to other networks.
Devices called concentrators provide functions similar to hubs. Most concentrators use dual attachment
station network cards but single attachment concentrators may be used to attach more workstations to the
FDDI token passing allows multiple frames to circulate around the ring at the same time. Priority levels
of a data frame and token can be set to allow servers to send more data frames. Time sensitive data may
also be given higher priority. The second ring in a FDDI network is a method of adjusting when there are
breaks in the cable. The primary ring is normally used, but if the nearest downstream neighbor stops
responding the data is sent on the secondary ring in attempt to reach the computer. Therefore a break in
the cable will result in the secondary ring being used. There are two network cards which are:
1. Dual attachment stations (DAS) used for servers and concentrators are attached to both rings.
2. Single Attachment stations (SAS) attached to one ring and used to attach workstations to
A router or switch can link an FDDI network to a local area network (LAN). Normally FDDI is used to
link LANs together since it covers long distances.


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